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Indian Classical Music:

India is said to be the birthplace of many world famous music, dance and art forms. Indian Classical Music has its roots in the Vedas and is considered as one of the finest ancient art forms of the world. There are two traditions of classical music in India – North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic) Part from its beauty and entertaining qualities as a pure performing art, its spiritual propensity as well as its ability to positively affect and enhance one’s mental intellectual capacities in multiple ways is well acknowledged.

Semi Classical Music:

The Indian music called “semi-classical” or “light classical music” is a simplified style of classical music making it more accessible and more popular.

Bollywood Singing:
Bollywood vocal and voice singing by Dhra Music Bollywood songs offer wide varieties of compositions and lyrics including hindi movies classical vocal based songs.
Dhra music teaches Bollywood songs singing classes in its own unique way helping a young bollywood vocal style learner to understand and practice the basics of Indian movies music during the online classes.

Light singing:
Light singing is considered to be the art of singing. It is not a very easy task to perform light singing and is always advised to perform under an expert. We at Dhra music provide the extra ordinary guidance and let you grow with it.

Voice modulation:
Dhra academy aims to ‘Enhance Your Voice!’ providing you with perfect training that helps you to – ‘Engage Your Audience!’ and win their Hearts! through your Voice by using all the variables in your Voice at optimum level like your Voice Pitch, Tone, Voice Range, Voice Projection, Diction, Pronunciation, Speech Clarity, Intonation, Breathing Techniques etc.